Our sponsors make it possible for us to go out and play the best we can. Unlike many other teams, we're extremely selective about the brands we rep. We would rather pay for our own gear than use something we don't like, just because it's free/discounted. We truly believe in all of the products we use - there's a reason that we choose to ally ourselves with them. Spend some time and check out why they are the best of the best!

Title Sponsor - HustlePaintball.com

HustlePaintball.com takes their Factory Team very seriously and supports Anomaly in any way they can. Not only is Anomaly the face of HustlePaintball.com on the playing field, but they stand for the integrity and push for the growth of the sport that HustlePaintball.com believes in. Without the dedicated staff and support of Hustle Paintball, Anomaly's quest for greatness would be impossible.

Supporting Sponsors

Dye PrecisionNinja Paintball
Tippmann SportsBlitz Paintball Field
Planet EclipseNXe Paintball
TECHT PaintballGen X Global
Leadfoot Shirts

Hustle Paintball

When Dan and Ethan originally discussed the idea of a scenario team, one of the first things that popped out of Ethan's mouth was "let's make this big - this will be the Hustle Paintball Factory Team!" Dan immediately lit up because he knew what this was going to turn into, and the amazing potential that we had. HustlePaintball.com has been crucial in supporting and helping out the Anomaly players - supporting them at every event, supplying all of their needs, contacting field and event promoters to arrange prize giveaways and more. The HD helmet cam footage shot by Anomaly members is used by HustlePaintball.com staff to create promotional videos for Anomaly, and all of the logistics of organizing and running a full-roster team is completely taken care of by our family at HustlePaintball.com. When it comes to educating new and experienced players alike, HustlePaintball.com spends countless hours creating informational YouTube videos to help answer people's questions - HustlePaintball YouTube Channel. Hustle Paintball's pursuit of excellence is tireless, and on top of all of that, they still manage to stay relaxed and have fun!

Dye Precision

We chose Dye Precision for a variety of gear options. Loaders, pants, pads, and mask - simply because they are the best! It all started with our loader - if we HAD to choose one single loader, what would it be? One simple question resulted in one singular answer: Rotor. The Dye Rotor is unrivaled in terms of speed, efficiency and ease of use. While initially looking to Dye for the Rotor we wound up really liking the fit and protection offered by their elbow and knee pads. Thanks to the terrific foam these pads not only protect us from the bumps and bruises of dives and slides but also the constant attack of paint being flung in our general direction. Dye is and has been a force in paintball that is always present at tournaments and pick-up games alike. Whether it is in their markers, masks, jerseys or any of the Dye line, you will always see them at the field. As a team it is great having the peace of mind that we can dive at full speed and start the slide too late knowing that our bendy parts are protected. And with the Rotor on top, the ropes will continue to confine the enemy.

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Ninja Paintball

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As a team we all wanted to incorporate Tippmann as a sponsor because of everything they have done for paintball over the years and everything they've done for us. Looking to Tippmann to be one of our sponsors was an easy decision as so many of us have had great experiences not just with our Tippmann markers but with Tippmann as a company. We may have graduated to higher end markers now but it is due to the reliability and consistency of Tippmann markers that so many of us continued to play. The event support that Tippmann provides is unmatched and shows their true love of the sport. We really appreciate everything they do for us and want to continue wearing their name on our jerseys.
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Blitz Paintball

Blitz offers the best paintball in Colorado. Multiple great fields combined with a fun and responsible staff makes every weekend at Blitz both fun and relaxed. Blitz has just about every option for your paintball fix. Team Anomaly has spent many days on the airball fields both practicing and competeing in tournaments. The hyperball and spool fields are great places to jump in on instant heads up games. Our favorite place to throw paint is on the massive scenario field at Blitz. Whether it is hunkering down for a Blackhawk Down game or preparing to assault the Alamo there unique layout and varying bunkers make you play every game just a little different. Every team needs a home field and everyone at Anomaly knows that having Blitz as our home gives us the best all-around field anywhere in Colorado. If you are just starting your paintball life and simply want to play or are the most agg of all your army and feel the need to lay down some ropes... come to Blitz, fun will be had.

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Planet Eclipse

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NXe Paintball

As players, we have all had bad experiences with harnesses that don't fit or don't work. That is why we immediately contacted NXe about their Elevation series packs. NXe has established a great reputation amongst players from all walks of paintball, whether you are deep in the woods or absolutely need 11 pods, NXe will get you to the final horn. This is all due to the fact that NXe gear always works. Anomaly very proudly wraps ourselves in the NXe Elevation harnesses knowing that the fit, comfort and durability is second to none. NXe has been a strong presence at tournaments for years and that shows no sign of slowing down, making all the others struggle to keep up

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TECHT Paintball

TECHT is quickly becoming a force in performance based upgrades. The best of those upgrades in our humble opinion is the iFit sizing kit. This single item has made a huge improvement in all of the shots we take. The small size of the iFit kit truly disguises the massive benefit contained inside. There are many barrels and sizing options out there but the iFit kit with its quick change system made this an easy choice and perfect fit for Anomaly. We still get the wide grin with the slow "Wow" whenever we demo the kit with new teammates. The precision needed to make this kit effective shows us that TECHT not only had the vision but also the skill and technology to push accuracy gains beyond what we once thought. TECHT has shown time and again that they not only provide quality products that truly work but that they beleive in their products and the players that use them. The TECHT Hush Bolt makes our markers stealthy quiet for the scenario games and gives us super efficiency gains over the stock bolt. This is a must have for any Etek or Ego marker.

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Gen X Global

Gen X Global has been a great source for gear for so many entry level players. The products that GxG brings to the table may not be on the top of every list but the value they bring is undeniable. The GxG ball hauler is a true paintball need. If you have pods and want to fill them with paint there is no better solution, period. The ball hauler alone would have put GxG on our short list. We honestly had not thought about which pods we were going to use but we had all been using Gen X Global. After much deliberation it was settled, they work great, whether it is on the scenario field, in the woods, and yes, even on the speedball field. Gen X Global is a great supporter of the beginning player and we on Anomaly wanted to recognize all of their efforts in bringing more players to the sport.

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Leadfoot Shirts