About Team Anomaly

Anomaly plays paintball for fun, first and foremost. We compete in tournaments, we attend big games, we play recreationally if we aren’t doing one of the other – we’re willing to try any aspect of paintball, as long as it challenges us and has the promise of balling with good folks. We all take it seriously, and we like to participate and win competitions, but one of dearest held values is that winning and having fun can be conflicting goals – we’ll take fun any day. We all play paintball as a hobby and have other important factors in our life, so we have set out to make sure paintball does not become a grind. Whether it’s a big game, scenario, 5-man tournament, or a game of Black Hawk Down with a hundred other rec players, we go out and give it our all – and come back with smiles on our faces.

One difference separating us from many other teams is that we are all also very good friends – “Team” means a lot to us! We look like a team, we move like a team, and we know that we are not just a group of individuals – we are all integral parts that make up one machine. Some of our teammates have been playing for nearly half their lives, others have only been playing for a few years – we are a mix of all kinds of people. This makes Anomaly a strong and unforgettable beast.

We do not play in typical scenario gear. Anomaly is a team that enjoys all types of paintball. We use high-end markers, and high-end gear – but we also are careful to not carry ourselves with the attitude that we are better than everyone else. Though we may be fierce and aggressive on the field, we want everyone out playing paintball to have fun with us.

Anomaly began as an idea between two friends who met at Blitz Paintball in Dacono. Dan Ross had a lot of experience in the local paintball circuit as well as good friends from a previous team. This team was hitting a roadblock — paintball (as we all know) is an expensive sport. When Dan and Ethan got together there was real potential – Hustle Paintball, Inc was looking for the opportunity to start a factory team. Where Dan and his friends had the skill and knowledge to help the team progress locally, Ethan and Hustle Paintball had the resources to help the team progress with sponsorships and help reduce the cost of enjoying our favorite pasttime. The original Anomaly core team was Ethan Hall, Dan Ross, Joe Lamb, Trevor Elms, and Jared Goldman (the legacy guys). Anomaly soon held their first tryouts and picked up Josh Lofgreen and Jesse Velasquez.

On July 17th, 2010 – Anomaly had their first event at Hooligan’s Hole in Pueblo, Colorado; Call of Duty: Urban Assault. This is where we learned truly how well we can work as a team — it set the bar for the rest of our events and practices. Since this event, Anomaly has grown to more than a 10 player roster, and is well known and established as a one of the toughest team in Colorado. Though some seasons have not been abundant in scenario events, we still show up to our home field Blitz Paintball every weekend. We are also often invited to Hooligan’s Hole for private games (thanks Hooligan!). We hold ourselves in the same manner we set out with, and our dedication to enjoying the game for fun. We do not just play paintball together, we are friends, and our commitment to each other and the team is deep. Anomaly is an important part of every single one of our player’s lives, and if you need to find us, visit us at Blitz Paintball or pbRIOT Forum, our online forum.