Anomaly – Factory Team

Anomaly was started with the vision of doing things different. From the gear we choose, our type of play, and our distinctive colors, we simply don’t blend in with the crowd. What does it take to be on Anomaly? A love for paintball, devotion to your teammates, and a complete and total disregard for stereotypes. Being a part of Anomaly goes so much deeper than playing paintball, just as paintball goes so much deeper in our lives than the weekend. People ask “how would someone get on Anomaly?” and the answer always is “Come play with us, hang out with us, and show us that you’re dedicated.” We don’t care if you’re the best or have great gear… we care that your dedication pushes our current members to even greater heights!

We play pump, we play semi, we play mechanical, we play scenarios, big games, tournaments, limited paint & mag-fed – we play it all! People ask how often we practice for tournaments, and the true answer to that is “every weekend!” But you won’t necessarily see us on the airball field – playing with the team in all types of environments is why we can seamlessly move from style to style, field to field, and always know who’s got your back and what strengths from each other that we can capitalize on. It’s simply obvious to those who’ve never seen us play that we have LOTS of experience balling with each other, because we work together so well.

As leaders in our community, we seek to encourage and teach newer players, enjoy stiff competition from experienced ones, and no matter what the style of play… at the end of the day, we can positively say “I had fun!”

I Bleed Lime Green.